We are a family owned company with 20+ years of combined slate roofing industry experience. Located in Lancaster County, PA, we are able to effectively service the surrounding areas including: Harrisburg, Philadelphia, Wilmington, and much of the tri-state area. We hold licenses in both Maryland and Virginia. Our craftsmen have been involved in every aspect of slate roofing, from single repairs to large church roof replacements; from Richmond, Virginia to Albany, New York. We take pride in bringing our old fashion work ethic and expertise (derived from years of experience) to urban and suburban areas greatly plagued by shoddy workmanship. Let our family service your home or your church's slate roofing needs.

| Dedication to William Bedi Sr. (Our Loving Grandfather) |



If you have a quick question, please contact us by phone (toll free) at: 1-866-602-1335
fax: 717-859-2432


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